The self trainer graphic E-book is an adaptive training tool that grants it's users with  refined knowledge that comes from real training experiences in a manner that would other take years to acquire giving them the edge they need to reach top physical conditions to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle.



In today's world looking physically fit is a trend that's catching on and there are many people that train or want to start training in the attempt to look better, feel better and become healthier but majority of the people are not seeing the results they are working hard for and some are beginners READ MORE
There's a lot of information on the internet and finding the right answer could take a log time of trial and error with a long time of persistence and patience, but even this is something a lot of people don't know which causes them to give up along the way without getting what they want or they keep working hard without realising the mistakes they are making. This is why we created the self trainer to provide everyone with a way to train efficiently and effectively towards their goal without being limited by their in-experience,the self trainer is a smart device personal trainer the redefines the e-book experience in a way that allows more doing with less reading allowing it's owner to use it during their training sessions, thanks to this learning and understanding has become a lot faster because you can now you can learn from experience while training and immediately.


In order to have good training sessions that will effectively keep producing results it takes a lot of time learning and making mistakes which takes years otherwise a more convenient alternative is getting a personal trainer.READ MORE
while this is a  good choice because they can create a better structured programs or be a guide during the session, this doesn't give much room for learning, personal trainers can also cost anywhere from £400 to  £1000 and more depending on how specialized the trainer is and for a trainer to produce results you need to train with them for long periods of time but of the large number of people that can afford this the end up not getting  a personal trainer or stop their training sessions early. By providing it's user with the knowledge the lack, the self trainer allows it's user to train independently saving them time on learning and avoid the cost of a personal trainer.
build confidence


Being confident is essential for everyone but not everyone is confident, the good news is confidence can be acquired by training the body and mind. After testing the self training we were surprised to see how much confidence the users had gained because they were able to gain knowledge and understanding which brought focus  consistency and READ MORE
they were able to work harder towards their goals, these are all components that will help anyone build their mind, body and confidence.



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