Self Trainer (Deluxe)


The deluxe self trainer is a smart device personal trainer that grants it’s user with knowledge from real training experience in a manner that would otherwise take years to acquire to guide you through your training and build a solid foundation for better and more consistent results from your training, this allows anyone to train efficiently and independently without the help of a personal trainer to reach your goal regardless of their training background . The premium self trainer also contains all the features and qualities of the (basic) self trainer like being your general guide for more efficient research on what you need to know, it’s created with a layout that’s aesthetically pleasing making it easy to navigate and understand. The simplified layout makes it very user friendly so you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of your sessions. We also included 2 different but well structured legs workouts program guaranteed to bring results if followed, a bodybuilding legs workout to build well developed legs and the other a 6 weeks squats strength program to build lower body strength, your squats and build mass, we included them because they are the most avoided workouts but are very important for building core strength and strengthening the nervous system.

HOW TO INSTALL THE SELF TRAINER: On your mobile device you will receive a link after payment which is the link for your self trainer, open the link and store it in your mobile library like the IBOOK if you use apple products so you always have quick and easy access the self trainer anytime.


  • List of exercises including illustrations.
  • Tips
  • workout system
  • legs bodybuilding program
  • legs 6 weeks program for strength and size (mts)