Self Trainer (Premium)


The premium self trainer is a smart device personal trainer that grants it’s user with knowledge from real training experiences in a manner that would otherwise take years to acquire, to guide you through your training and build a solid foundation for better and more consistent results. This special quality allows anyone to train with confidence independently.  It’s created with a layout that’s aesthetically pleasing making it easy to use and understand. We added a tested, well created bodybuilding legs workout program to build mass to encourage legs training because it’s the most ignored muscle group, with the self trainer you can spend time learning  and more time doing for faster faster results.

HOW TO INSTALL THE SELF TRAINER: You will receive a link after payment which is the link for your self trainer, open the link and store it in your mobile library like the IBOOK if you use apple products so you always have quick and easy access the self trainer anytime.

  • List of exercises for all the muscle groups
  • Guide tips
  • workout system
  • legs bodybuilding program