The self product (basic) is designed for you if your new to the world training and need help with learning what you need to know, the exercises you need to be doing for each muscle group to get the results you want. It can also be used as a general guide for when your doing your research on your training and learning about what you need while your train’ so even without experience or knowledge the self trainer will teach you how to train yourself efficiently . The self trainer is created with a layout that’s aesthetically pleasing making it easy to navigate and understand. The self trainer grants its user with knowledge from real training experience.

HOW TO INSTALL THE SELF TRAINER: on your mobile device you will receive a link after payment which is the link for your self trainer, open the link and store it in your mobile library like the IBOOK if you use apple products so you always have quick and easy access the self trainer anytime.

  • List of exercises including illustrations
  • Tips